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Fangirl Extraordinaire
Sometimes we need a word of advice, or just a little push to get things on track. Sometimes we just need to talk and sometimes we just need to listen.

Have a picspam of inspirational images, guys. There's no point in having these saved on my computer if I don't share them with the world, right? ♥

Very image heavy, of course. Feel free to add more!

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Fangirl Extraordinaire
Title: "Abaddon's Child"
Pairing: Sebastian/demon!Ciel, demon!Ciel/Elizabeth
Rating: R for violence
Word Count: ~ 5000
Summary: Ciel Phantomhive is quite determined to make his demon butler suffer and grovel at his feet for all eternity, but Sebastian Michaelis has another idea in mind.
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence
Notes: Written for last year's yuletide challenge and originally posted at AO3. Spoilers for the last episode of Kuroshitsuji II, obviously.
The title of this fic is a reference to Abaddon, which means "a place of destruction" and "the king of the bottomless pit", in Hebrew and Christian scriptures, respectively.
The dialogue between Sebastian and Ciel in italics (at the beginning of this fic) was directly taken from the last episode of Kuro II.

* * *
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Fangirl Extraordinaire
ahahaha-- so, I haven't updated in a while. 'sup, LJ?

HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that jazz. My postcards will most likely arrive by Valentine's... :'D
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Fangirl Extraordinaire
25 November 2010 @ 01:35 am
It's that time of the year again.

I've been a horrible LJer lately-- I haven't looked at my friendslist for about a week, so I apologize for any posts I may have missed. D: I'm looking at the posts I missed tomorow, I promise! I should be heading off to sleep in a bit, cause I gotta wake up at ass a.m.

ANYWAY: this is a post for Christmas cards! Reply here and I'll send out one to you. I was thinking of sending out Christmas-y postcards for you Portuguese peeps, and Portugal themed postcards for those of you who don't live here. It would be a) cheaper and I think I'm gonna send a lot of them this year, sob, b) a way for you to know a little bit about my country.

So: leave your address in a comment to this post! Comments are screened, obviously. Please specify if you'd like a Christmas-y postcard of a Portugal themed one. (For those of you on my plurk friendslist / not on my LJ friendslist, leave a note saying who you are, because I'm a spazz and will probably mistake you for someone else. OTL)

Also, don't be surprised if this Christmas Card turns out to be a New Year's card or a Valentine's card. Just saying.
Fangirl Extraordinaire
19 November 2010 @ 11:37 pm
...I'm terribly sorry, but this is only a placeholder. I'll edit this later, after I send in the sign-up. >___>

(For those of you who want to know what the hell I'm talking about: Yuletide! :D For those of you who don't want to know or simply don't care, just skip this entry.)
Fangirl Extraordinaire
24 October 2010 @ 03:51 am

So, LJ. Let's talk about sex.

No matter how curious we are, how much we read about a certain subject and how much we talk about it with someone, sometimes we stop ourselves from saying what is really on our minds.

Maybe we're just not comfortable with it and try not to acknowledge such thoughts, maybe we want to talk about them but there's no one we can discuss those thoughts with. Maybe we want to ask for more practical details-- 'should I do this?' or 'should I touch myself/my partner(s) like that?'-- but we're just too embarrassed to do so.

Join. Speak. Give advice. Throw in new ideas or just discuss already existing ones. No matter what gender you are, what your sexual experience is or what gender(s) you prefer, feel free to discuss your thoughts, fetishes, questions, concerns, or just read what others have to say.

Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off. This is a fun matter but also a delicate one: if I see anyone misbehaving-- and not in the good way-- I will screen/freeze/delete comments as necessary.

Don't forget to pimp this out, boys and girls. The more people who join, the better the discussion will be. ♥
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